2011 Honda CR-Z Mugen a high-performance hybrid sport car

The 2011 Honda CR-Z Mugen is the sporty evolution of the Honda CR-Z, prepared by the Japanese Mugen Motorsports, officially associated with Honda.

The CR-Z Mugen is a hybrid sports car debuting at the next Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood. Among factors that features the sportiveness stands out the lowered bumper, a large roof spoiler and the carbon-fiber bonnet which, according to Honda, is an important technical detail. The weight of the Honda CR-Z Mugen then was reduced by more than 50 kg, through the use of lightweight materials as, again, the carbon-fiber, and first tests seem very positive.

Honda engineers added a turbocharger to the petrol 1.5-liter engine and worked on the electronics of the Honda CR-Z to obtain a power of 200 hp and 245 Nm of torque, instead 174 Nm of standard version. The small electric motor IMA has been enhanced to provide more power during acceleration. The engine has been boosted by 15% and its performance, says Colin Whittamore from Mungen Euro, are excellent not only in terms of driving pleasure, but also in efficiency.

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