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Jeep has released the first official pictures of the new Patriot, subject to a marginal upgrade at the aesthetic model year 2011. The increase in ground clearance increased by 2.5 cm with new suspension and increased anti-roll bar, all essential elements for a 4wd that is not restricted to move only along the city streets. Marginal interventions even to the cockpit, now more sophisticated through the use of soft plastics and new three-spoke steering wheel with integrated controls. New navigation system also debuts as UConnect Voice Command. Aesthetically, the new 2011 Jeep Patriot retains the unique muscular look that is a bit mitigated by the adoption of a new rounded bumper in which they were housed the fog lights, side view shows the new 17-inch alloy wheels while at rear is a lower bumper extension. The 2011 Jeep Patriot finally abandons the 2-liter diesel (Volkswagen origin, with pump-injector technology) replaced by the new 2.2 CRD, which generates 163 hp and 320 nm of torque. The marketing of the car is scheduled for October 2010.


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