2011 MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS new facelift

The carmaker Mercedes has a new version of its medium premium car C-Class, which is revisited with an attractive restyling after 3 years from the sale of the previous model. Waiting to land on the market in March, here is the redesign that the 2011 C-Class and begins with the exterior but not limited to, considering that Mercedes has thought technical improvements and especially for the engines.

NEW ALUMINUM HOOD: front design changes on its feature thanks to the hood interventions as well as to grille and bumpers, but especially the headlights, more narrow and long compared to the current model and where you can see the LED daytime running lights integrated into the bumper , LED technology also for side and rear indicators. A new feature is not seen but it is there, is the hood’s material, made of aluminum and thus lighter. Inside you can see the new dashboard, with integrated display and a cover for all the instrumentation. Multimedia systems are improved, with the ability to surf the web, even while the car is moving and not just while is parked.

7 SPEED AND FUEL EFFICIENCY: On all models equipped with automatic transmission, except the 300 CDI four-wheel drive, the transmission is now available as seven-speed 7G-Tronic. according to Mercedes engineers, the new Mercedes C-Class 2011 has reduced power consumption by 31%, an excellent result for the German carmaker. This reduction was possible thanks to the ECO start/stop. The main innovation is represented by a V6 petrol, C 350 BlueEFFICIENCY with an output of 306 hp, maximum torque of 370 Nm and an average consumption of 6.8 litres/100 km. The range of petrol direct injection engines include the 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbo, updated, versions with 156, 184 and 204 hp. For diesel, however, the 2.2-liter is offered in 4 power levels: 120, 136, 170 and 204 hp. For the more demanding customers is the new 3-liter V6 231 hp combined with four-wheel drive.

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