The Merdad 902 Coupe is a three-door interpretation of the Porsche Cayenne. The Porsche has nothing to do with this tuning, in fact is made by Merdad Collection, a not very popular British tuner, specializing in unique transformations, which in recent weeks has made the 902 Coupé, an unusual three-door variant of the Cayenne.

THE PRESS: “The 902 Porsche Cayenne Coupe by Merdad Collection – says the tuner – was presented at the London Motor Show alongside other models developed by us as the Porsche Cayenne turbo 4-door and the Range Rover Sport. At that time we received a warm welcome from tens of thousands of people. We are proud of that creation and we must thank the many British engineers who have worked so it could become a reality. ”

WHAT CHANGES: to get this result Merdad changed the Cayenne Turbo, which has been clearly modified in the body and the interior, which shows now finishes and quality materials. Transformation is completed by a new exhaust system, the electronic module of adjustment from the ground (the 902 has been lowered by 40 mm), the 22-inch forged wheels and other aesthetic details.

Here are the main features of the Cayenne 3-door developed by Merdad Collection, as submitted by the same tuner. The car can also be equipped with a 4.8 V8 twin turbo engine from 750 hp:

* Full Body Exterior Styling Merdad unique;
* Special Leather Interior Trim and Merdad;
* “Super Sound Exhaust System;
* Electronic Lowering Module (40 mm);
* Merdad Racing 22 “Forged Black or Silver Edition” Rims;
* Special Design Merdad Merdad Alloy Racing Pedals;
* Special Design Merdad Entrance Blends;
* Merdad Special Floor Mat Set;
* Special Merdad Steering Wheel.

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