The 2011 Smart is available on the market next month, can also be bought as super-customized version by the  Brabus Tailor Made concept. For the new smart have been prepared already 7 new colors including  for the first time an opaque paint, the Tridion safety cell in white color, the LED daytime running lights, exclusive alloy wheels and red or blue hood for the convertible version.

Brabus (the company resulting from a partnership between Daimler and the tuner Brabus) customise from few years the sports version of the small city car, customers have begun to indulge themselves, each advancing their personal requests and willing to spend several thousand euros in extra equipment, in germany the Smart brand received 150 customization’s requests out of catalogue only in 2009. For this reason was born the Brabus Tailor Made concept, in which everyone can buy their personal Smart Brabus  that becomes unique in the world . Obviously imagination has not limit for buyers and customization packages are almost endless: accessories, aero kit, 30 colors for upholstery leather, 6 colors hood and all original accessories smart fortwo BRABUS.

Who would buy a Smart Tailor Made will have delivery times slightly higher, approximately four additional weeks and the order will normally be at a Smart Center. Custom smarts are not cheap, in europe the price range from 13,000 to 35,000 euros for those who want to overdo it and get to buy a Brabus Roadster with full personal equipments. This has not deterred customers if we consider that in Europe have been sold tens of thousands of custom models in less than three years.

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