2012 Bmw 1-Series new pictures released ahead Frankfurt

The main antagonist of the Audi A3 and Mercedes E Class s the BMW 1-Series


The German carmaker has released a new photo gallery of his new BMW 1-series, highlighting what are the  major aesthetic attributes of the upgrade from previous version: a front lower and hanging grille and a design with more soft lines. The BMW 1-Series will be presented at the next Frankfurt Motor Show in September and then immediately available at the European dealers. The BMW 1-Series is all new, but Keeps the typical features to compete especially with the new Audi A3 and Mercedes A Class.


The 2012 BMW 1-Series has more space.

The new interior images show, over the previous generation, more space that optimizes comfort and above all with a increased trunk load by 30 liters. The Bmw 1-series then increases its sizes: 4.32 meters long (+8 cm), is also more wide at 1.76 m, with a wheelbase of 2.69 m. Among standard optional of the BMW 1-series stand out the anti-collision device and the system that Recognizes the road signs.


The 2012 BMW 1-Series is the first car of its segment with a 8-speed automatic transmission.

The 2012 BMW 1-Series has 5 engines: the 1.6 Twin Turbo Power 136 hp, the 1.6 Twin Turbo Power 170 hp and the 2.0-liter turbo-diesel by 116 hp, 143 hp and 184 hp. All the BMW 1-Series engines will have a 6-speed manual transmission or an optional new ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.


BMW 1-Series Prices:

BMW 1-Series 1.6 Twin Turbo Power (136 HP) from 26,800 euros
”                         1.6 Twin Turbo Power (170 hp) from 28,900 euros
”                        116d 2.0-liter (116 hp) from 27,650 euros
”                        118d 2.0-liter (143 hp) from 29,500 euros
”                        120d 2.0-liter (184 hp) from 31,700 euros

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