2012 Lexus GS 350 made its long-awaited debut at Pebble Beach

Lexus GS 350 avantgarde sedan.

The Japanese manufacturer sees the new Lexus GS 350 sedan as the new course in terms of conceptual expression of the future. The 5-door model, now at the 4th generation has just been presented at the Concours d’Elegance of Pebble Beach and will challenge in the market, the BMW 5-Series, Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6. The carmaker, confirms that the Lexus GS 350 offers better driving dynamics, improved performance and a roomy interior as well as advanced, but with a eye at the latest safety systems.

Design and Balance of the Lexus GS 350.

The Nippon sedan is 4.85 meters long, 184 cm wide and 145.5 cm high, while the wheelbase is 2.85 meters, an increase of 40 mm to the front and 50 mm to the rear. The Lexus GS 350 stands its front and, in particular, the grille which will be the ffuture format for all the Lexus, while there will be offered two drive options for the traction, the 4WD or Rear-Wheel-Drive, all combined to the 6-speed ETC-i automatic transmission with sequential manual mode. To ensure a better driving experience, Lexus engineers have optimized the aerodynamics of the Lexus GS 350 in combination with harder car frame and fastest transmission in terms of shift changing speed. The new Lexus GS 350 has a front suspension with aluminum arms while the rear has been completely redesigned with new multilink suspension. The brakes are all ventilated with aluminum front calipers with four pistons. The Lexus GS 350 will fit 17 to 19 inch wheels with 225/50 R 17, 235/45 R 18 and 235/40 R 19.

Engine and performance of the Lexus GS 350.

The engine is the 3.5-liter V6 with 306 horsepower at 6,400 rpm with 375 Nm of torque at 4,800 rpm. The max speed of the Lexus GS 350 is limited to 228 km/h, while the 0 – 60 miles (0-96 km / h) is taken in 5.7 seconds. The Lexus GS 350 will arrive on the North American and European markets in early 2012 along with the GS range including the GS 450h version full hybrid, the GS 250 and almost certainly the variant F-Sport.

The 2012 Lexus GS 350 offers a full trim.

The new GS sedan offers countless devices placed throughout the interior, including the automatic climate control system S-Flow, which uses sensors that detect the presence of passengers to direct the air flow only where a person is actually sitting. The Lexus GS 350 features the option to control air conditioning, audio system, navigation and telephone at the same time via the iDrive. In terms of safety The 2012 Lexus GS 350 has ten airbags, while front seats are designed especiallt for accidents by improving the effectiveness of seat belts. Among the optional extras the night vision, the head-up display, Blind Spot Monitor, and the assistant for the maintenance of the lane that operates on the steering wheel to help the drivers to keep the trajectory. Finally, the esoteric hi-fi by Mark Levinson it’s also an optional of the Lexus GS 350, it can output a power of 835 Watt, 17 speakers and features the 7.1 Surround Sound with 10 channels.

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