2012 Lotus Exige S, specifications and pictures of the ultimate performance sportscar

Lotus Exige S the ultimate lightweight sportscar.

Lotus has revealed the 2012 Lotus Exige S at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show held last month. The new 2012 Exige S appears very similar to the precursor but with much closer examination, there are several distinctive signs that place it aside.

Exterior Exige S design.

The new vehicle is much larger and the interior can be configured in two trim levels, Premium and Premium Sport: the first one is more comfort-oriented as much is possible in a kind of car like a Lotus, while the second favors the driving characteristic. The main redesigned elements include a new skin with headlights and single front component, while the back has been completely revised. The tail-lights are inserted into a surrounding panel which arises the entire width of the back end. Among the back facelift, there are as well a new spoiler together with a big wing positioned on the back end surface.

Lotus Exige S engineered for performance.

The 2012 Lotus Exige S now gets the 3.5-litre supercharger V6 and 24 valves by Toyota, and this is the main change for the new model also seen in the Lotus Evora. In the Exige S It has 350 hp at 7,000 rpm and maximum torque of 400 Nm at 4,500 rpm. The transmission is a six-speed manual (EA60). To start from 0 to 100 Km/h, the Exige S takes about 3.8 seconds and again from standstill gets to 160 km/h in 7.9 seconds. The top speed is around 274 km/h.

Exige S Dynamic Performance Management.

A exclusive new engineering for Lotus called Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) is also offered on the new Exige S. It mainly offers three different driving adjustments: Touring, Sport and DPM off. Each one of these functions determines the car set up concerning the car’s stability control system to best match the driving conditions. With the optional fourth function Race Pack, finally it can be ensured better traction out of corners, the optimized track suspension and Launch Control.

The 2012 Lotus Exige S will go available for sale sometime later in 2011, while Prices are yet to be revealed.

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