2012 Mercedes C63 AMG WhiteStorm by Romeo Ferraris

The Italian tuner Romeo Ferraris, after customizing a Mercedes C63 AMG with 540 hp last year, has just unveiled the Mercedes C63 AMG WhiteStorm, a special version based on the C63 sedan.

DESIGN: the car received some aesthetic changes that concern the particular layer of opaque white for body, which creates a perfect contrast with the matt black grille. Other details the film with carbon fiber effect of the roof and rear spoiler, the matt black wheels and other details of bumpers which make the C63 AMG WhiteStorm extremely sporty as the Mercedes C63 used in the Superstars Racing by this tuner. The cabin features AMG sports seats that with the gear shift, steering wheel and door panels, receive the coating leather with red contrast stitching. The folk of Romeo Ferraris have revised the engine sound but also have devoted much attention to the audio system, further improved by JBL speakers and tweeters for the rear doors.

ENGINE: the V8 6,208-liter by 457 hp of the Mercedes C63 AMG has been enhanced thanks to a remapping of the ECU, the operation has increased the power to 536 hp (+79) and 681 Nm of torque (+81). The Mercedes C63 AMG WhiteStorm also features special exhaust system with double tailpipes. The “Romeo Ferraris” technicians, through experience gained in the racing world, are available for any engine’s tuning for the most exigent customers.

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