2012 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT a bigger size for North America

The Volkswagen Passat sixth-generation, in North America, will be replaced by a sedan of the same name, bigger and more massive,  known as New Mid-size Sedan (NMS) and just bebuted its world premiere at the NAIAS in Detroit.
A completely new Passat, but bigger, comfortable, efficient and valuable of the Jetta, a meeting point between the two cars. The Passat North America, we call it so to distinguish it from the European version, it differs in the body, according to the statement issued by the German manufacturer, and built the new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The unique design of the new Passat is recognized from the front, where the Passat reveals the new brand’s logo: unlike other models in the compact class, the grille has a three-dimensional geometry with its more rigorous look more noble and distinguished. Passat’s interior seems to be from a upper car level thanks to the superior length of almost five meters (4868 mm) and width of 1,833 mm, larger than the previous model. Here the space is well above expectations. Increased stride length is appreciated particularly in the rear: the trunk has a capacity of 529 liters.

NEW ENGINES: For the north america there are three Passat engine designed in Germany: the supply starts s with a powerful 5-cylinder (170 hp at 5,700 rpm), for the first time used on the Passat. According to predictions, about two-thirds of customers will opt for this so powerful engine  (maximum torque 240 Nm at 4,250 rpm) as its fuel efficiency (about 7.3 l/100 km on the highway). This engine can be combined with 6-speed automatic transmission. In this case it follows a mileage of 7.6 l/100 km. There is also a two-liter turbodiesel with 140 hp and six-cylinder 3.6 liter VR6 with 260 hp combined to the dual-clutch gearbox DSG. This latest version is credited to sprint in 6.5 seconds in 0-60 miles (0-96 km/h).

OPTIONAL AND PACKS LEVEL: equipment S (2), SE (1 or 2) and SEL (1 or 2).Volkswagen offers the Passat depending on the chosen version, with features such as alloy wheels with 16, 17 and 18 “(some on request ), electrically adjustable seats, seats with leather or imitation leather, multifunction steering wheel, satellite radio with touch screen, sound system “Fender”, two radio-navigation system, fog lights with static cornering lights, automatic climate control, ambient lighting and the newly developed sealing system and Keyless Access. In terms of security are provided the control system of tire pressure, electronic stability program ESP, ABS with Brake Assist, assistant for starts on hill (only manual transmission) and six airbags.

The price was further lowered – Volkswagen claims – and expected to be around $ 20,000 (excluding taxes, of course). It will arrive in the dealership in mid-August.

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