6-speed dual clutch transmissions for Dodge Avenger and Chrysler 200

The new Chrysler 200 (sedan and convertible) and Dodge Avenger MY 2012 (STX and STX Plus) will feature a six speed dual-clutch gearbox produced by Fiat and called DDCT (Dual Dry Clutch Transmission). The new transmission, will features only the engine 2.4-liter four-cylinder but not the 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar, as it is not able to withstand the max torque of 350 Nm.

The new dual-clutch transmission will be available as optional extra and will cost between $ 500 and $ 600 more than a standard automatic transmission. Later on Chrysler will launch two other types of dual-clutch that will join the DDCT (code C635), the first also adopt the six speed (Code 625), while for the second we don’t have any specifications issued. A few days ago, Chrysler had announced the development of a hybrid petrol-diesel bi-fuel engine.

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