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The Fiat 500 has become a sculpture through the work of Lorenzo Quinn, son of famous actor Anthony Quinn. After being exposed to Abu Dhabi and Valencia, the art work titled Vroom Vroom has arrived in London.
A hand to park a car in central London: the artist Lorenzo Quinn, Italian living in Barcelona, has installed on Park Lane a four-meter sculpture made of a vintage Fiat 500 and a child’s hand grasping the aluminum as if it were a toy.
The work aims to represent the relationship between parents and children, and expresses the sense of independence experienced by the sculptor when he bought his first car.
“Each of my works tells a part of me – said Quinn – They are my experiences, my thoughts, my desires, my feelings … Vroom Vroom is a part of my independence, my freedom and my personal growth. It was the first car bought with my money through my early work. ”

While explaining how much hard work it was necessary to buy the Fiat 500, the artist added, “bought it was a great satisfaction. I got something that i strongly wanted only with my strength. I was no longer dependent from my parents, i grew up. ”

(photo gshots.com – metro.co.uk)

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