A Hot Selling Point: Seat’s Ensurance Scheme

The cost of motoring is always a hot topic of conversation and one of the main expenses incurred by motorists alongside fuel is the cost of insurance. The Spanish car giant Seat has sought to help drivers with some of the associated costs and also entice them to display brand loyalty with their Ensurance Scheme.

Free to all

Ensurance is being offered free to all UK based Seat customers who own either a new or even a used car made by them. The manufacturer has publicly stated that the scheme will be offered absolutely free of charge to all of its customers for the next three years and it is intended to be used as an insurance provision alongside your existing policy.

How it works

In normal circumstances when a motorist has an accident and has to arrange for damage to be repaired, the insurance provider would decide which repair centre would be used and also generally dictate where to source the parts that are needed. The Ensurance helps to address that control issue so that their customers can obtain genuine Seat parts and be able to use a Seat approved repair centre.

Bridging the gap

The Seat Ensurance policy which comes at no cost to the owner of the car, is designed to work alongside an existing comprehensive policy and be there to cover any cost difference when repairs are carried out, for using an approved Seat repair centre and genuine replacement parts.

A number of incentives

The Seat Ensurance policy is aimed at giving customers a strong incentive to keep motoring with the Spanish car giant and they are amongst other perks, offering guarantees on genuine parts and repairs at Seat Insurance approved centres. To make the process of claiming as smooth as possible customers will be given access to a dedicated phone line as well as being offered contact with an incident manager, who will provide online claim and repair tracking support, provide cover for legal expenses and also organise a courtesy car where applicable.

Saving money

Seat previously provided a similar service online for a fixed annual cost of £49.00, so by now offering this service for free to all UK based private customers and small business customers too, they are effectively saving every customer money, equivalent to the cost of a service worth £147.00 completely free of charge, so it is a good offer that will help reduce annual motoring costs.

Peace of mind

In addition to saving money, customers can enjoy extra peace of mind that should they be unfortunate enough to experience an accident where a repair is necessary, they can at least be confident that under this scheme, their car will be repaired to the highest standards using only Seat approved quality parts.

Any incentive or scheme that can help motorists reduce their annual running and repair costs can only be a good thing and Seat are to be applauded for taking the initiative in a difficult financial climate, especially when you consider that they have been generous to include any Seat car, regardless of age.

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