Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3 Stradale first unit delivered

Zagato has delivered the first of nine units of the TZ3 Stradale to celebrate the 100 years of Alfa Romeo history (1910-2010). The car comes from one off TZ3, winner of the Villa d’Este Design Concept Award 2010 and is the first “American ” Alfa Romeo  ever. The TZ3 Stradale ( acronym of production) is built on the chassis of the Dodge Viper ACR thanks of recent joint venture between Fiat and the Chrysler Group, which also includes the Dodge brand. The first of nine TZ3 Road has been sold to the American collector Eric King, a member of the Automobile Museum in Saratoga (NY), and the TZ3 Stradale number two and three will be delivered to anonymous customers, up now, in Japan and Europe.

The TZ3 Stradale, after inheriting the Dodge Viper chassis, has also inherited the 8.4-liter 611 hp and has a typical back configuration called “Kamm-tail” (maintaining the compact size to get aerodynamics advantages and reduction of CX) a solution already seen on the TZ3 Corsa and experienced by Zagato since the early 60s on production and race cars such as Alfa Romeo TZ and TZ2.

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