ASTON MARTIN CYGNET prices revealed

Aston Martin introduces the special Cygnet White and Black versions, available from April for a base price just under 40,000 Euros and, above all, the car is reserved, contrary to rumors said until a few months ago, not only to those already Aston Martin customer: the sales are open to everybody.

JEWEL OR UTILITY CAR? more than a car, is a luxury item. Expensive even too much if considering that the price is closer to be triple compared to Toyota iQ (with the same engine 1.3 99 hp) from which it is base and project derived. The city’s luxury car by Aston, will be offered as 1.33-liter 98 hp petrol with manual gearbox or continuously variable CVT: in the first case gets 100 km/h in 11.8 seconds, consumption average of 24 km/l  and 116 g/km of CO2, while in second case values are respectively 11.6 seconds, 22.9 km/l and 120 g/km. There are no differences with Toyota iQ for as far as performance: the Cygnet differs only by the Japanese on aesthetic level, the rest follows the original design.

The interior is radically transformed, thanks to the generous use of leather stitched with the usual mastery and uncommon attention to detail that the british brand continues to claims. Each Cygnet is potentially unique, thanks to creation for color sample, for dashboard, steering wheel, seats, wheels and bodywork completely customizable.

THE MOST EXPENSIVE CITY CAR IN THE WORLD: € 39,500 for version with manual transmission, 40,650 for those equipped with the CVT. These prices announced by Aston Martin for Cygnet, the  city car built on Toyota iQ basis, which then goes to win (and with a wide margin) the title of most expensive city car in the world.

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