Aston Martin DBS Ultimate Edition ahead new replacement

After the latest launch of the famous Aston Martin DBS in 2003, the British car manufacturer unveiled the new model that features a 550bhp. The iconic supercar will keep the standard structures with a 6.0-litre V12 power unit equipped with either six-speed manual or automatic transmission. This DBS model, known internally as VH310, shows how the new Aston follows design and technology of the One-77 sports car.

Aston Martin DBS: the new successor’s design.

The car layout and development have been made easier by a reinforced chassis along bettering sophistication and merging multiple panels and parts into single elements. The unique body receives a more aggressive look with more carbonfiber in the body panels, the more curved bonnet and wings, but without the tuning kits of the current Aston Martin DBS. The cabin, which has been revised with all improved details is highly designed with the basic dashboard architecture. It keeps its fundamental feature with curved form and high-quality materials. Inside also has been noticed a new gear lever, instrument panel and specific sports seats that claims to enhance the driving position drastically.

This new-generation range is critical for Aston, until global economy recover form current recession. However the successor to the DBS will show up much sooner than you could expect.  Production of the new Aston Martin DBS is planned to begin later this summer, although the market launch is scheduled for the end of the 2012. The current DBS as Ultimate Edition is now available for sale to start the basis for its substitution. This special version ends the DBS range with only 100 units offered as Coupe and Volante.

Under the bonnet of the Aston’s new V12 supercar.

The reliable  6.0-litre V12 engine has been kept and improved to generate an 550bhp, which turns in about 40 bhp more than today’s 6.0-litre power unit. Such enhancements have been possible thanks to an improving internal efficiencies of the engine parts and a remapping of the engine’s electronic control systems. The carmaker also announced a ZF automatic transmissions with enthusiasts unlikely to please the deletion of the six-speed manual gearbox. For those purist, however there’s a good news, with Aston upgrading to a new eight-speed transmission in the next future.

This up-coming Aston is predicted to not keep the DBS label as a new name is planned when it goes on sale in summer with prices at £185,000 a rise of £6,000 compared to the today’s hypercar.

Pictures of the Aston Martin Ultimate Edition

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