Bentley Continental GT Classic Pack Mulliner unveiled

Bentley has a new special package called “Mulliner Specification’s Classic Styling Pack “, designed to customize the 4 seater coupe  Continental GT which had received a facelift in late 2010.

The changes of the new package makes the coupe of Crewe with a more sporty design especially with a kit including side skirts, a front splitter and the rear diffuser made of gloss carbon fiber which incorporates two oval tailpipes. As optional extra are also available, always in carbon fiber, the rear spoiler and side mirror caps, burnished front grille and  21″ 7-spoke alloy wheels.

The Bentley Mulliner Classic Pack is already available at the European showrooms of Bentley, while the extra equipment will be marketed later this year. The British carmaker has released prices, but only for their own country where the basic package costs 7,400 pounds (€ 8,350 ). The list of the extras with their individual price of the Bentley Classic Pack includes: side mirror caps and rear spoiler 2,200 pounds (€ 2,500), the burnished front grille 4,760 pounds (€ 5,350), the 21-inch alloy wheels 5,930 pounds (€ 6,680). These prices will seem excessive for most of car enthusiasts, but they are quite reasonable when compared to the 192,000 euros which is the value of the car.

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the standard Bentley Continental GT Mulliner (video)


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