BMW – AOL Travel Announced The Great British Drives Channel

The German car manufacturer in partnership with AOL Travel have just launched the Great British Drives, an exciting new channel. Ignore the famous Amalfi Coastline in Italy or the French Riviera, you can exploring and enjoy the British landscapes, one of the most attractive places on the planet to drive. You can drive across an excellent Britain’s network and enjoy a magnificent panorama driving from the winding roads at north of Scotland to the exhilarating roads of Cornwall.

The Evo Triangle is one of the world’s most thrilling routes with more than 30 kilometres of road to drive with a good amount of complex curves. The new Great British Drives just launched aims to give you suggestions, exciting ideas and stunning photos that will bring you soon to escape from routine with your kids for a couple of days or best for a complete touring trip of Scotland.

For this reason, when you consider to taking a break, why don’t surf the web looking for an expensive ticket. Get in your car and discover the beauty of the country.