BMW Zagato Coupe Revealed At Italian Design Award

Amazing hand-built BMW in Italy at Villa d‘Este Concours.

BMW has just unveiled on its  BMW’s Design Facebook page the first teaser of a new concept car designed by Zagato. This is the first venture between the Bavarian brand and the coachbuilder from Milan.

The day after of the car’s debut at Villa d’Este (Italy), we can observe that the BMW Zagato Coupe comes from the BMW Z4 while reinterpreting the contemporary Zagato’s styling. The result is a brand new creature that looks ready for production and to substitute the previous Z4 Coupe.

Made entirely by hand, including the forged aluminum’s body, the model receives a cabin for two. The new concept car is based on the mechanics and frame of the Z4. But unlike this, the new sports car will be a coupe with fixed roof, just exactly as the Aston V12 Zagato, which won the Villa d’Este Concours last year.

Additional modifications to the standard Z4 include new reworked alloys finished in matt, matching the special Rosso Vivace finish;  then an inclusion of renovated bumpers with exclusive twin exhaust pipes and a big cooling ducts on the hood.

We still have any news on the engine which would power this stunning car that look very very nice. However, talking still about the mechanic, it is expected and guessed a 3.0-litre engine or a 306bhp from the BMW Z4 Coupe sDrive35i. Whatever it will be, for sure the new Zagato Coupe will produce many horsepower and a nice sound.

This is not the first time that German carmaker in order to develop new exclusive car’s design cooperates with the Italian coachbuilder Zagato. We would like to remember a couple of names as Giovanni Michelotti, who has signed many successful models in the ’60s. The second is  the Touring team, which brought a series of design based on the BMW 328 between ’30s and ’40s.

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