Buying a van: what you need to know

As with the purchase of any vehicle, buying a van relies on thorough knowledge of the market and the vehicles themselves, as well as your own preferences and needs. If you’re in the market for a new van then considering each factor in turn is vital if you’re to make the right decision – and here is everything you need to know about buying a van.


The first thing to note is that vans come in numerous different forms and configurations so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. You must evaluate each different type or class of van and decide which is best for you.

Do you want a large panel truck, an open bed pick-up truck or a conventional small van? Do you want a van with bench seating and windows in the back or a high-sided van which only accommodates 2-3 passengers in the front cabin?

These are all important questions to ask and will help you narrow your selection to find the perfect commercial vehicle or van.


Next to consider is the make and model of the van you choose. As with cars, there are numerous manufacturers to choose from and you’ll often find commercial vehicles developed by the professional arms of your favourite domestic car makers.

Examples including the Doblo van by Fiat, using their corporate brand Fiat Professional. Investigating the top brands for this sort of vehicle is vital if you want to buy into one that won’t let you down so always look for positive reviews and recommendations.


Before you can make your final decision on which van is right for you, you must first consider its purpose. This will determine the type of van you need but will also help you pick between specific models once you’ve narrowed the selection down to your preferred manufacturer or model range.

The purpose of your van will influence decision over how big it needs to be and what features it needs. Creature comforts are essential if you intend to cover long distances with lots of passengers while something more basic and stripped down will be ideal for those primarily transporting goods or cargo.

The power output, fuel efficiency and carbon emissions of the van will also come into play here as you’ll want to make sure the specifications of your chosen vehicle match the level of use it is likely to get.