Car Noises: Indicators of Car Malfunctions

When one purchases a car, they expect it to work properly. They also get used to the sounds it makes and consider these to be normal. However, sometimes noises can come from various parts of the car. These are often warning signs that a potentially serious car malfunction is occurring or about to occur. It is important to be able not only to discern these sounds but what these sounds may mean in regards to the functioning of the car.

One noise that is commonly heard is backfiring. Backfiring occurs in either the intake or exhaust system of an engine. Some people believe this occurs in the combustion chamber but this is not true. Backfiring happens as a result of inappropriate adjustments that happen with the ratio of air to fuel. A variety of car malfunctions can cause this to happen. If the engine needs tuned and the timing is off, backfiring can occur. Also, if the fuel pump is starting to go out or even if the fuel filters are clogged, these problems can happen.

Knocking is another noise that one may experience. Knocking is a phenomenon that happens when the mixture of both air and fuel is off when the spark plug ignites. Knocking can also happen as a result of changes that may be made in the engine. Sometimes the camshaft within the engine can simply be worn out. The camshaft is responsible for operating the valves within the engine. If these valves do not open properly in a certain rhythm, knocking can happen. This could be a sign of a serious engine problem.

A third common noise that can warn you of an impending car malfunction would be a rattle. The reason for rattling to happen can vary. Often the number one reason for rattling is due to the rubber mounts on the engine being worn out. The rack and pinion steering system of the vehicle may have inner ball joints that are loosened. This leads to rattling.

A damaged car can cause to car accidents, and car accidents can lead to head injuries. It’s also important to check these sounds when buying a new car.

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