new toyota rav4 2012


new toyota rav4 2012A few days ago Toyota and Tesla signed a formal agreement for the production of a new electric RAV4 version. The Californian industry, famous for its roadster on the market since 2008, will provide the batteries for the new SUV. The Japanese carmaker is not new to electric prototypes, in fact since 1999 produced some Toyota RAV4 with NiMH battery pack for private customers. Some cars exceeded 160 Km of maximum battery autonomy…

BMW M8 HYBRID-super car speaking electric

image BMW M8 HYBRIDRumors still surround news about a new supercar BMW called M8 and equipped with the latest hybrid technologies introduced by the German company.

A monster from about 600 hp just waiting the final green light from the executive floor of the BMW tower. To maintain low weight the car could be built on an aluminum frame with numerous body panels in carbon fiber…