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Insuring High Performance Cars


Car insurance; a cost which we all begrudge paying, but equally we all know that it has to be paid. Whether you are looking to take out short term car insurance, or you are […]

Bringing your car abroad this summer?

drive abroad

Britain is a nation of seafarers. From Drake through to Nelson, we’ve always felt at home on the water, our shipbuilding and navy the envy of the world. Because our fine country is an […]

The Six Safest Cars

safest car

If you’re a car fanatic – as you most likely are given you’re reading our site – you will be familiar with the way that most motoring television shows review vehicles. A great deal […]

Sponsored Video: Nissan 370Z Nismo races man in wingsuit

Nissan 370Z Nismo Races Man In Wingsuit

Regarding its newest ad, Nissan combined a racecar driver in a 370Z Nismo, a BAS jumper in a wingsuit and a Juke crossover with three computer screens to the Susten Pass in the Swiss […]

Van Breakdown: How To Prepare, and What To Do If It Happens


Vans are not invincible, and any driver should prepare for the possibility that theirs might breakdown. This can be very dangerous if not handled properly or planned for. Here is what you need to […]

Manufacturers Gear Up for the Frankfurt Motor Show

 frankfurt motor show iaa

The 65th International Motor Show opens its doors to the public this weekend after a week of stage-managed showcasing for the press and wider industry. Over 1,000 exhibitors from 35 countries are in Frankfurt […]

Buying a van: what you need to know

Fiat Doblo Cargo 2010

As with the purchase of any vehicle, buying a van relies on thorough knowledge of the market and the vehicles themselves, as well as your own preferences and needs. If you’re in the market […]