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Sponsored Video Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries With Jackie Chan and Wang Shu

bentley mulsanne visionary

Bentley has launched a campaign named Mulsanne Visionaries to promote its Brand and advertise ultra luxury cars that can reach 300.000 dollars. But Why people buy a so expensive sedan? It's not because of […]

Bentley Continental GT Classic Pack Mulliner unveiled

bentley continental gt mulliner classis pack

Bentley has a new special package called “Mulliner Specification’s Classic Styling Pack “, designed to customize the 4 seater coupe  Continental GT which had received a facelift in late 2010. The changes of the […]

Bentley Continental Supersports “Ice Speed Record”


Bentley won the world speed record on ice, almost reaching 331 km/h with a Bentley Continental, set on Feb. 15 on a stretch of sea ice off the Finland coast. The 4x world champion […]


photo 2012 bentley continental flying spur series 51Bentley Continental Flying Spur and Flying Spur Speed will be on sale from March 2011. The Bentley has unveiled a preview with new details and images as new version model year 2012, as well as providing small board infotainment updates offered with exclusive “Series 51” proposals already on the version Continental GT and GTCSeries 51: The real news is the introduction into the range of special version Series 51, the program consists of 14 different customization


Picture New Bentley Continental GT 2011

Bentley introduces the new Continental GT at motor-show in Paris, this 4-seater coupe had its first appearance in 2003 to give impetus to the revival of the Bentley. At first glance it might sayed that new Continental GT is very similar to the previous series, but it is a completely wrong assessment. The new coupe from Crewe was in fact designed with the british philosophy for which any renewal is always inscribed in the sign of a strictly tradition, but technically the GT-2010 is largely …