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2012 LANCIA YPSILON only 5-doors

The new Lancia Ypsilon keeps only the name of the current model, which should remain on the market until 2012. The sporty and sophisticated new … Read more

FIAT 500C LA DOLCE VITA a 24k gold car

official picture fiat 500c la dolce vitaFiat 500C “La Dolce Vita” is a customized version by the artisan atelier Fenice Milano which is a project born in 2008 from the intuition of a young entrepreneur, who Decided to invest in the development of an activity in line with the tendencies. As with the known version “Diva” of Rolls Royce Ghost, also on the 500C have been made aesthetic changes with 24 karat gold trim, present on the bumper, on the pillars, wheel arches and alloy wheels, also teak to redone interior’s details.

HONDA BRIO unveiled to asian market

official photo 2011 honda brioAt the Thailand International Motor Expo 2010 which takes place on Decembere 1-12, Honda has introduced the minicar Brio, small A-segment car anticipated by prototype “New Small Concept” at the beginning of the Exhibition in New Delhi this year. The small Honda Brio was born for Asian markets and is expected to debut on Thai and Indian markets in 2011. We do not know any marketing opportunities for Europe, but if the new Nissan Micra is also available in old continent …

NEW RENAULT TWINGO GORDINI – iconic blue-and-white

official picture renault twingo gordiniRenault, encouraged by successes of earlier versions Gordini for Twingo RS and Clio, decided to extend the cars range that rely on the historic car tuning, in fact the french manufacter launched the Renault Twingo, a youthful and sporty model.Sporting appeal: The car’s livery is one that traditionally features the range Gordini: metallic blue with two white lines through the hood, roof and trunk …