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New powerfull Audi R8, can stop you breathing

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OMG! Latest facelifted Audi R8, just arrived in the markets. This is not just a Supercar, is the top of the top legal audi racing super 4wd . having been unveiled in this latest […]

All Mercedes-AMG shift to all-wheel drive including Supercars

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What’s going on to AMG? According to AMG boss Tobias Moers. future generations of Mercedes-AMG models are likely to feature four-wheel drive as a standard, including the AMG GT supercar,  Engine downsizing also occurs when […]

Lamborghini Huracán Review

Lamborghini Huracán

Lamborghini have a new car launching this year, and as is tradition this new Lamborghini will be named after a famous bull. Huracan was a Spanish fighting bull, known for its courage that fought […]

Honda Fights Back – Part 2


Ayrton Senna was a Honda engineers dream. ‘His brain could simulate all the operations on the track, such as rpm, gear position, braking point and steering, with an error of less than a hundredth […]

2014 Veneno Roadster: the open top will cost 3.3 million Euros


Italian Supercar-maker Lamborghini is going one step further in its usual extreme motoring by releasing the world’s most expensive car ever: the Veneno Roadster. The project is truly a wonderment of technology, style and […]

Alfa 4C introduction continues in Europe as US launch delayed


The Alfa Romeo 4C’s introduction across Europe continues apace but US customers will have to wait to get their hands on the exciting new two-seat roadster. Production of the Alfa 4C by Maserati is set to […]

The finest European Supercars at Geneva 2013


There has been a lot to take in over the last week as the automotive world still tries to digest the feast of new, innovative, industry changing and incredible cars that were unveiled at […]