Chrysler 300C grows old with style

At a time when many car manufacturers are struggling to design vehicles which look more modern and futuristic than any other on the market, Chrysler has made a bold move. The 2013 300C does quite the opposite. Rather than striving for a cutting edge design, the 300C attempts to modernise a classic style and it does so with absolute success.

The 300C is a bold model from the beginning. In stark contrast to the over the top design which has become the norm amongst smaller models, the sizeable 300C is large and simple, though all the while incredibly refined. Just as you’d expect from a Bentley or a Rolls Royce, the 300C is uncompromisingly elegant.

As you can see from the Chrysler UK website, the design of the 300C saves its highlights for the aspects of the vehicle which matter. Highlights include the build quality, comfort and accessories. The quality of the interior screams luxury and style, which is complemented perfectly by the smooth ride which follows the engine’s start. The smoothness of the ride can be attributed not only to the comfort of the interior, but also to the automatic gearbox.

The 300C does not only look elegant but also powerful – and looks are no deception in this case. The V6 diesel engine is turbocharged to deliver a maximum speed of close to 150mph, and coupled with the 7 second 0-60mph time, this streamlined model packs a speedy punch.

While picking up close to 50 extra-urban miles to the gallon, the 300C boasts low emissions of 185g/km which is outstanding for this class of vehicle. In the past luxury vehicles were known for being costly to run, but this is no longer the case. The 300c model won’t cost owners a great deal in fuel, nor will it cost the environment.

With the 300C and Chrysler’s decision to bring a classic car into the modern era, the manufacturers are not only making this class of vehicle relevant again, but they are also marketing the vehicle at an entirely new demographic. Previously, large and luxury vehicles in this style were aimed at older, wealthier customers. By proving that there is a great deal more to these vehicles than elegance, Chrysler are reaching out to younger, more inquisitive markets. One more bit of good news to cap it all off – the price tag isn’t even unreasonable.