Citroën DS1 expected In Geneva 2012

Citroën DS1 to Debut in Spring.

The French-based car manufacturer, Citroën, has been coming out with cars like the DS3 and DS4 – which are both already released – and with the DS5, which is on its way, to be released in 2012. Citroën’s persistence has yet to wane as it continues to produce cars well into 2012 and 2013. Now Citroën is working on a vehicle to add to its collection, the DS1. This now entry-level model will rival the extremely popular Fiat 500 as a premium, yet affordable, small-sized hatchback.
As of right now, the other Citroën models, like the DS3 and DS4, have been unable to compete with hatchbacks like the Fiat or Alfa Romeo MiTo because of their size and hefty price tags. Therefore, the DS1 will have to be much smaller and less expensive than its predecessors to compete with other hatchback models.

Citroën DS1 Styling.

While no clues have been disclosed regarding the look or drive of the Citroën DS1, many expect that the new compact car will measure less than 3.6 meters (about 12 ft) long and be powered by a variety of three-cylinder engines sourced from BMW. These units are expected to output about 68-100 PS, while the diesel models will generate about 70 PS. Some also speculate that a GTi model may squeeze onto the market with 130 PS. The styling remains more or less a mystery, although those in the industry predict a unique grill, high-quality interior, and distinctive B-pillars. The Citroën DS1 model is to be built in the Czech Republic, according to the industry experts at Autobild.
It is likely that the DS1 will be debuted in Geneva at the Motor Show before the production version launch in 2013. Additionally, there may be plans for a production version launch at the Paris Motor Show in autumn before the public production launch in 2013. However, Citroën DS1 production details remained undisclosed.

Citroën DS3 Pictures

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