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EuropeCarNews.com is a blog designed to allow the free exchange of views among car enthusiasts, our mission is to obsessively cover the car news. Each month, EuropeCarNews reaches out to an audience of over 50,000 among car buyers, owners and automotive fanatic around the world, and is one of the most recognised automotive news portals in the UK. This auto blog is designed to allow the free exchange of views among car enthusiasts, and allow them to consult freely different car models with official car pictures, car review, share their own experiences.
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a) EuropeCarNews.com is not a magazine. Any appearing text has not a predetermined publishing time and can’t be predeterminated.
b) This blog is not a news organization, no an editor.

EuropeCarNews.com offers talking points, quoting and publishing videos and official pictures of the new car models. All informations are retrieved from the Web using sites that allow this use. Especially shareable videos through youtube.com and images obtained through the search engines are valued elements of the public domain, because not protected and can easily being saved, found or removed and not copyrighted. In any case EuropeCarnews.com put the maxinum effort to use the said materials under CREATIVE COMMON LICENSE . If the publication violates any copyright, please notify the webmaster via email and the content will be immediately removed info@ecn.localhost. The information contained in the blog EuropeCarNews.com may contain technical inaccuracies, omissions or typing errors. The site user is pleased to verify the accuracy of the information contained in this blog and/or in related sites before making use.

The webmaster is not responsible for any errors, omissions and/or inaccurate information, violations of copyright, defamation or any other offense of inserting information and, more generally, the content entered by users by comments in this blog,  not in any way responsible for any damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect from access to, use of, or reliance on material in this site EuropeCarNews.com.

Is allowed to send any error reports, information requests  from visitors to the site by contacting the webmaster via email (info@ecn.localhost). This will involve the processing of personal data from that  party visitors.  Providing such personal information is absolutely voluntary and at the discretion of the party.

The webmaster reserves the right to make changes or improvements without notice at any time to these guidelines, how to use, services, content described in this blog (descriptions, images, videos, links).

EuropeCarNew is structured to allow the user to visit all the contents without revealing any personal information. For the safety of all users comments to posts can be placed previous moderation.

EuropeCarNews is also a place to search and advertise cars for sale. When potential buyers look for cars on Europecarnews.com, search results appear in a list. Interested buyers can then select your listing to get more details about your car. The make and model header in your Search Results listing is with gallery images for quick recognition. Advertise second hand cars with up to 8 pics to sell used cars and vans from one of the most trusted sources in the auto industry. The service for car advertisement is free of charge. EuropeCarNews.com is not responsible of car pictures and personal data submitted by the user for the advertising.

The webmaster is available to perform exchange links with other sites completely free, the only condition is that such sites must builds links pointing to the home page EuropeCarNews.com. For paid links or advertising contact the webmaster at: info@ecn.localhost

The webmaster reserves the right not to accept exchange links proposals with sites that deal with subjects considered to be unfit and edit or remove any link without prior notice and at any time.

Moreover, for webmaster’s convenience and/or to increase the amount of informations you can find links to related sites or relvant images in the content of the post you are visiting.

This blog, for the reasons mentioned above, may contains hyperlinks (links) to sites controlled by other third parties, there’s therefore not responsibility for the links and their content included in these sites. The use of such links is the responsibility of their users.


The ability to insert personal comments are given to all visitors, registration is required to moderate the comments if reputated offensive or inappropriate.

Are not permitted advertisements or links to sites containing paid material (for mobile ringtones, logos, etc.) or adult content.

It is recommended the proper use of the English language and punctuation. Personal discussions are not allowed outside the automotive theme.
EuropeCarNews.com guarantees full freedom of expression to all users, but the interaction between them must be civil: Do not insult, irony, denigrate, provoking other users. It ‘also forbidden to quarrel publicly on the forum, write vulgar words or phrases alluding to situations against public decency, which might create embarrassment to others.

It ‘important privacy: do not call by the name real people who do not want and do not disclose personal information. Observance of copyright: Do not insert in comments text and/or material wich are copyrighted. The webmaster states that might use photos or other material published in any comment created by a user.

The webmaster is not responsible for comments and pictures posted in the comments, these contents are the responsibility of those who wrote them. The webmaster reserves the right not to accept or may cancel at any time, comments deemed inappropriate.

EuropeCarNews.com is structured to allow the user to visit all the content without his identifying or revealing any personal information.
The explicit and voluntary e-mail addresses used in the blog involves the acquisition of the sender, is necessary to complete the blog registration, respond to requests, and any other data included.  The optional explicity and voluntary email addresses, phone number and any data or personal information processed and published in  the ‘Cars For Sale’ blog’s category will be previous user acceptance.

According with most legislative rules, EuropeCarNews.com respects the privacy of anyone who writes or converses in any form with the webmaster (info@ecn.localhost) providing, at its discretion, personal information. The information that users consider to make public in this site, through services and tools is voluntary and up to themselves, will be provided by the user and following his will, removing the webmaster from any violation of the said regulation.

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