Eterniti Hemera: New Supercar To Release in April

Eterniti Hemera new SUV Supercar.

Boutique, London-based manufacturer Eterniti announced that its newest automobile would be launched in April, 2012, the Eterniti Hemera. Introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Hemera boasts a sportcar-esque responsiveness with an SUV shape, securing its reputation as an “SUV meets BMW M5.”

Eterniti Hemera based on a Cayenne.

The engine produces about 600bhp with a 4.8-liter V8, producing an excess of 460kW of power to reach a top speed of 290km/h. Ex-Jaguar engineer Alastair Macqueen has implemented a wheels-to-ceiling rebuild of the Hemera’s prototype, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, with a wider and lower center of gravity. The rear seat has been moved back for more leg-room, the boot space is smaller, and there is carbon fiber and LED’s scatter the vehicle. The redesigned front fascia is the most striking visual difference between the Hemera and Cayenne.

Macqueen took on the project to execute a challenging oxymoron: engineering a visually appealing sports car SUV. Johnny Herbert, the former F1 driver, has also joined the team as both test-driver and brand ambassador, helping the team at Eterniti to achieve Porsche handling dynamics. However, the people of Eterniti aren’t anticipating European success. The target audience is a younger buyer, most likely in China, where the Hemera will be debuted.

This model is set to appear in its final, completed model at the Beijing motor show in April, among other luxury SUVs. The long-term plan is clear. Eterniti claims they will build 80 of the Hemera in 2012, then revving up production to about 200 for 2014. The manufacturer has set a target of about 50 Eterniti Hemera sales for the first year of production, with about 90% going towards China. The automobile will cost a little bit over £150,000 when it launches in mid-2012.

Eterniti Hemera Pictures

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