Fashion Model Jodie Kidd Against Champion Racing Driver Ben Collins

Fashion model and revealed speed-fanatic Jodie Kidd, challenged retired Stig and champion racing driver Ben Collins in a short film that shows the two petrol drivers fighting each other for the title of most fuel efficient driver. The video, created for the New Thinker’s Index – an interactive digital experience which aims to take on the way folks think – shows the two drivers undergoing a competition packed with tests set to test their natural method of driving.

The motorist that gets the podium and obtains pole position is the car driver that is able to curb natural need for speed in order to use the least fuel during the entire race.

Kidd discusses about her adventure “Although it is fantastic to sit behind the wheel and go fast, this challenge asked me to consider in a whole new way about driving a vehicle. The New Thinker’s Index Big Green Race educated me a lot about fuel efficiency and how to affect it with my driving style, which is definitely knowledge that will be useful day-to-day. I ended up as a Natural Thinker on the test which makes sense as I do tend to go with my instincts , while Ben ended up as a Self Aware thinker – I think you can see that the test is pretty truthful by our different approaches to get to the race!”

Collins confirms, ‘As a racing driver you can evaluate and agree a technique for a racing with your team before it starts because you have a good notion of the parameters even before you get in the vehicle. This test demanded me to think in a different way as I didn’t know how Jodie would approach the race and there were solutions that had to be selected on the place together with on-going estimations of speed and distance vs. fuel efficiency – it had been absolutely a completely new way of thinking for me!”

Jodie and Ben ties a bunch of high profile individuality from a number of disciplines who have placed their heads to the test to release the New Thinker’s Index for Hyundai including land speed record holder Richard Noble OBE. Richard had been pushed to think in a different way by working with a group of kids to see if he could seriously help them enhance their speed to win the Belchford Soapbox Challenge race.

The number of short movies look at new strategies to reasoning and an online challenge lets you do a comparison of the way your brain works to great thinkers of the past; well-known sports celebrities, music icons and actors of the present. To see the videos and take the challenge visit

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