official photo Ferrari California HELEFerrari introduced the Hele system (High Emotion Low Emissions) technology introduced on the spider California and dedicated to reducing harmful emissions, but simultaneously increases the performance and driving pleasure. The emission reductions system, which led the prancing pony to debut at 2010 Paris Motor Show, improves the efficiency of the V8, removing carbon dioxide emitted, which can reach up to 23% when the California is equippend with the Hele system and is driven on urban path. The application of this new system is to use the Stop & Start system, which allows the restart of the car in just 230 milliseconds, and installations as the intelligent control of fuel pumps, power electronic control of the air conditioning compressor and the gear changes adaption to driving style.

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As for the cooling system, the brushless motor introduced and the full monitoring of fans rotation speed has allowed Ferrari’s engineers to reduce the power consumption, reducing system weight by more than 2 kg and improve proceeding resistance of 5% at high speed, providing, compared to  before, additional 25 Nm of torque. The result of CO2 emissions in the combined cycle is reduction from 299 to 270 g / km.


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