FERRARI unveils F150 born to win in formula one

Ferrari has unveiled the new car for the 62nd Formula One World Championship , the Ferrari F150. The extraordinary event in world premiere took place in front of the whole Maranello racing team, the Fiat Group’s chief executive,  a yellow 458 Italia, a red California and the usual crowd of reporters.

THE ITALIAN FLAG STANDS OUT:  the car’s name is the tribute that Maranello wants to give to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. The design of the new F150, known internally as 662, represents the team’s interpretation for the technical and sporting regulations of this year. The livery of new Ferrari F150 reveals a car that has more white on the aerodynamic and especially with the Italian flag on rear wing, as well as the official logo of the celebrations for the Unification of Italy appeared already during the 2010 season.

The real debut, however will take place on Tuesday, February 1, at Ricardo Tormo circuit in Cheste, near Valencia, for first official test session. In fact, as is customary at this time, the aerodynamics is far from what will be used in the first GP of the season on March 13 in Bahrain, so gradually whole body will be revised for first race with changes on anterior wing (which is still from 2010), rear, exhaust and suspension.

” Ferrari from 1997 with different people and has always won, or has ever lost at last race. We have always been at the top, we were always the team to beat ” is what said Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo . Then have spoken the drivers – Fernando Alonso: ” motivations are strong: the 2010 has been a fantastic year, i discovered a unique and special team as Ferrari. Now we are aiming at new challenges. This car is the work of many months, we are more ready than ever. ” Felipe Massa: “Glad to start testing, we hope to grow this car as quickly as possible. We should have a competitive Ferrari from first race. The pressure is always great, but I remain quiet. I want to do a good year and i am sure we can do with this car and this team. ” Team Principal Stefano Domenicali revaled clear goals: ” The F150 comes with a very simple goal, so simple that i will not even name it. ”  We say it  “win the 2011 Formula One world championship!”

NEW RULES: ” new regulations – said Ferrari technical director Aldo Costa – are many and have a decisive influence. Especially in aerodynamics, with the rear that has changed a lot and now we can’t adopt the new diffuser, with the introduction of mobile rear wing and, unlike last year, the front wing will not be adjustable. Then we had to work on the KERS return and the revision of some security structures. Finally, on the weight distribution, which since 2011 has been fixed and can vary from minimum to maximum and is the first time in Formula 1 ”

Engine: 056
number of cylinders: 8
number of valves 32
Pneumatic distribution
total displacement: 2396 cm3
Piston bore: 98 mm
electronic injection and ignition
Petrol: Shell V-power
lubricant: Shell
Helx Ultra

UPDATE: Ferrari appears to have changed the name of its 2011 Formula One car to the F150th Italia.

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