Ford B-MAX Concept is a shockproof MPV

Ford unveiled the new B-Max MPV, shown as a concept car before the Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March),  but surely will replace the Ford Fusion in the coming months. The big news in the absence of the B-pillar that has caused the removal of  traditional door opening, even if this change has been taken already on a big production by the Opel Meriva.

SHOCKPROOF SLIDING DOOR : The rear doors are sliding and then, as already mentioned with lack of B-pillar. With front and rear doors open wide, the width is immense: more than 1.5 meters. Someone must have thought that this is a typical invention for a show car, except that the brand declares that “this new solution is ready for production” and that “thanks to reinforced doors, the levels of protection in the event of collision are the same as those of the models with conventional doors. ” The functionality and safety are in fact guaranteed by the use of boron steel in the doors to high-strength, so to absorb the impact forces generated by accident. The roof, doors and chassy are joint through a particular system to keep them sealed.

DOUBLE CLUTCH: the Ford B-MAX propulsion is managed by the new Ford EcoBoost petrol engine 1.0Lt 3-cylinder, equipped with Stop & Start technology. The last of the EcoBoost family has direct injection system, turbocharger and independent dual camshafts with variable valve timing, combined to the automatic transmission Ford Powershift dual-clutch 6-speed. The benefits have yet to be formalized (expected to deliver 125 hp), but this engine is intended to replace the current four-cylinder gasoline engine of larger displacement.

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