Honda unveiled new hybrid Japanese CR-Z Mugen RR

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cr-z mugen rr

CR-Z Mugen RR confirms the sports identity.


After Honda CR-Z Mugen, tuned by the japanese Mugen Motorsports, the hybrid coupe continues to be used to built very powerfull versions with a very sporty design. The news is the CR-Z Mugen RR, presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed along with the CR-Z Mugen which we have already mentioned in a previous article.

The CR-Z Mugen RR is a show car, at least for now.

The new evolutionary prototype was developed in Japan by the company M-Tec for which production plans have not been confirmed. The CR-Z Mugen RR uses many carbon fiber parts for the hood, doors and for the underbody. The design of the CR-Z Mugen RR stands for the dual exhaust in the center, 18-inch alloy wheels that show the four-piston brake calipers, while the color used for the body is the Valencia Orange Pearl.

CR-Z Mugen RR Born in the track.

The GPS satellite receiver allows the onboard computer to acquire the track data necessary to monitor the performance lap. The screen also provides codes of chassis and engine, while has not been declared on any mechanical changes to the CR-Z Mugen RR Concept.

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