Hyundai Blue2 fuel cell concept with sci-fi features

The Hyundai Concept Blue2, presented at the recent Seoul Motor Show, is a fuel cell electric prototype (FCEV). The design of the Korean sedan, anticipates the style of the upcoming models and shows sportiveness combined with luxurious interiors, made with environmentally friendly materials. The blue2 name was chosen because it combines two symbols: the first part of the word BlueDrive, which features some ecological models of range, and number 2 is  for hydrogen chemical formula (H2).

FUEL CELLS: Fuel cells produces electricity using hydrogen from special containers and  delivering it to the electric motor which produces about 120 hp (90 kW) with a consumption of 2.8 Lt hydrogen/100 km.

The car shows some almost sci-fi optionals and equipments which seem to come from a movie:  the reception system can recognize the driver, two side cameras – instead of traditional exterior mirrors –  and another camera on the roof , allows the driver to have a 360° view through a multimedia display with LED technology integrated in the dashboard, also electronic door opening. To make it even more efficient, the Hyundai Blue2 was equipped with special lightweight alloy wheels, tires with reduced rolling resistance and an aerodynamically optmized front.

The most interesting news comes from the Hyundai itself, suggesting that the concept could anticipate a new 5-door sporty sedan, but also a model, mostly with strong ecological features as an evolution of the Blue Drive Technology.

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