Hyundai: New Commercial Video Live Brilliant Laughter

After the first brand campaign launched in 2011 to introduce the new slogan “New Thinking, New Possibilities”, it’s on air a new Hyundai commercial video named “Live Brilliant”.New thinking, new possibilities is the corporate philosophy that holds the promise of Hyundai to offer innovative solutions, beyond banalities with new products and affordable at the same time.

The new campaign “Live Brilliant” proceeds with the brand communication, focusing on the emotional aspects, through a range of new products, high quality, great style and technology that Hyundai offers to customers around the world.

Made by Innocean Worldwide and adapted locally for several countries, the TV commercial where the world becomes magical joy when seen from the eyes of youngest passengers. The film tells how the deep commitment of Hyundai in the care of every detail in a product affects lifestyle and its quality.

The just launched campaign involves a media plan on the main national TV, newspapers, web and Hyundai social channel (Facebook and YouTube).

What is your brilliant moment with Hyundai? Hyundai believes, brilliant is When a tunnel becomes a magical portal A puddle becomes a wave A hill becomes an amusement park When stars shower down on you Brilliant is the laughter Hyundai makes every moment brilliant live brilliant Find out more in the video below..