Jaguar XK E-Type Celebration limited to only 50 units

The British carmaker has developed a special version of the XK, the E-type Celebration, limited to only 50 units, to celebrate the 50 years of the Jaguar E-type.

The Jaguar E-type Celebration is based on the convertible version XK 5.0 with the V8 (385 hp and 515 Nm), a Black Cherry body, black hood and 19 ” Tamana Red Badge Jaguar Heritage wheels . Compared to the standard car, the XK E-type Celebration features the chrome frames of front grille and windows, the trunk molding in key-color, the chrome exterior mirrors covers, as well as the side vents. The cabin offers a unique combination Ivory and Charcoal with ventilated seats and heated Jaguar Heritage logo on the headrest. The upholstery are in hammered leather, while aluminum inserts of the tunnel comes with the brand-new Engine Spin finish.

The E-Type Jaguar XK Celebration is available from this month at about € 100,000. The 50 lucky customers able to purchase this special limited version will have the chance to drive the historic E-type for 7 days in a year.

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