Jo Whiley talks about technologies in a Chevrolet Volt powered video

Jo Whiley a British radio disc jockey and television presenter talks about how inventions, technology and some cool gadgets, have impressed her progressively every day.

Not too long ago, she got into the ‘cloud’, with over 56,000 of the family photos to be view on my TV or PC. When she lies in bed at night, tells to herself, “have a look at few more photos, then i need to sleep”, but soon, a few pictures becomes  dozens and hundreds. She wakes up in the morning with these remembrances that come back bringing pleasure.

Jo loves to listen music and old playlists have now came out again on all of her gadgets. The most she loves is the iPad. She can connect with her kids when absent or purchase something from anywhere. What she likes is also to read online news, download ebooks, and to record TV movies that she never get time to watch when at home.

The technology have entertained also her three years old daughter, a little demon.. However the kid also learned how to spell correctly and started to interact with the new innovations being creative. Joy feels like this is only a starting point as these advanced products have totally changed the world of her and the family.

In the video below Joe Whiley talks about how a stunning and distinct design is not a thing that normally is a feature of a green car. But that it’s not all, because the new Chevrolet Volt with the sculpted aerodynamics offers an extraordinary economy of 235.3mpg along with lowered emissions of 27g/km of CO2.

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