KIA KV7 CONCEPT the future of the van

The Kia KV7 concept, presented at the NAIAS Auto Show in Detroit, shows square lines but with rounded corners. The large MPV sector started to be abandoned from many carnakers because they think is a saturated market,  for the Kia seems to still have a commercial interest.

7 SEATS ANS GULL-WING DOOR: KV7 stands for 7-seat Kia van. The concept presented by the Korean brand at Detroit Motor Show is a celebration of electronic gadgets for entertainment, such as computer-floating table, and all swivel seats to always ensure a friendly atmosphere for travelers. Passengers in the rear section also can use a touch screen, integrated into another mobile console. The KV7 beyond some of the fancy solutions of a show car, as the gull-wing side door, which reveals that more than a cockpit looks like a lounge, made exhausting the concept of space and anticipating the next Carnival. KV7 is in the U.S. segment of the compact MPV: 4,873 m long, 1,729 m high and 3,100 m of wheelbase.

Under the hood is hosted Instead, the new two-liter Theta supercharged engine of 285 hp in combination with the six-speed automatic transmission.

The Kia America is marking good commercial performance, an increase of 48% in 2010 compared to last year’s sales. Kia executives have not talked on any future production of the KV7: the feeling is that this KV7 will be a design solutions for future MPV.

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