Land Rover Defender 2012 features new EU5-compliant 2.2L diesel

New EU-5 engine with low emissions for the Land Rover Defender 2012.


The Land Rover Defender 2012 model year will probably be the last evolution of the popular off-road, which receives the EU5-compliant, waiting for the next model that has not yet been confirmed. The Defender 2012 receives a modern diesel engine of 2.2-Liter with 122 horsepower at 3,500 rpm and 360 Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm/min combined with a particulate filter. The Land Rover Defender 2012 with the new engine offers reduced emissions: 266 g/km for the version 90 and 295 g/km for 110 and 130.

Performance of the Defender 2012.

Performance of the Land Rover Defender model year 2012 are still as the current 2.4-liter EU-4, as well as the six-speed manual transmission GFT MT 82. For all versions of the Defender 2012 has been declared a top speed of 145 km/h, while the old engine gets 132 km/h.

Prices of the Land Rover Defender 2012.

The Defender 2012 is offered with two option packs: the Comfort Pack (about 1,900 euros) which includes air conditioning, CD Tuner with Front Aux, electric windows and remote locking control, while the second called Off-Road Pack (about 1,700 euros) features the Abs, bigger wheels, trailer hitch and underbody protection. These packs are available for the British market, while other markets are still waiting for further confirmations. In the United Kingdom, the Land Rover Defender 2012 will cost around 24,000 euros with the version defender 90 pick-up and while the Defender 110 XS Wagon costs about 36,900 euros, all prices of the Defender 2012 are calculated with the current exchange rate.

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