Land Rover Range_e new hybrid diesel concept

At the Geneva Motor Show the first Range Rover hybrid is just nearly to be unveiled, it’s the result of a synergy between a V6 turbo diesel and an electric engine, a concept that anticipates the ultra-low emission technology for applications in future production models.

The Range_e is built on the Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 has the same  current engine with 245 hp, plus an electric motor 69 kW (94 hp) which brings the total power at 339 hp combined with a eight-gear automatic transmission. The technology allows emissions of just 89 g/km of Co2, not bad for a giant of 478 cm long. This technology also provides the “plug-in” option, or the ability to recharge the batteries to a normal outlet. The electric motor can get 32 km, while the overall range, using the turbo diesel V6 is 1,112 km. An electronic power management, automatically determines whether to use electric drive, diesel or mixed, and regulates the recovering energy during braking. The Anglo-Indian Carmaker uses the prototype to develop the future diesel-electric models, whose launch is expected in 2013.

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