Lexus GS 450h Hybrid: 120 Hearth Beats In A Video

An Hybrid car may not necessary mean just fuel efficiency, eco friendly and lack of performance. The new Lexus GS is a dynamic and sporty luxury hybrid model that can prove what just said. The new Lexus GS received favourable reviews from the automotive experts especially regarding a far better drive experience in contrast to the earlier model.
The latest fourth gen Lexus GS 450h is pushed by a 3.5 litre Atkinson cycle V6 combined to an electric motor unit.  The car delivers 338 hp in a hibrid-mode running and can show a 5.6 seconds sprint in the 0-100km/h. These numbers proves what just said, this is not just a standard hibrid car but,  when you want it can set your soul and heart speeding too.

 Over 120 Hearthbeats

Lexus Italy, through the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi in Milan, Italy, placed potential customers for a crazy spin in the Lexus GS 450h. The wanted to test buyers on a very fast ride around a circuit to see if they manage to keep their heart beats below 120 per minute. Each tested person’s heart beating and reaction has been monitored with a specific equipment and camera.