MP4-12C is the new McLaren supercar, which will be sold in Europe since 2011, but not for everyone. the British brand, famous for its victories in Formula 1, after took into account more than 600 proposals for collaboration, decided to select 36 car dealerships around the world. The MP4-12C, heir of legendary F1 producted from 1993 to 1998 and still an absolute reference in terms of sports cars, will enter to markets with about a thousand units in 2011 at pricing yet to be determined, but somewhere between 175,000 and 230,000 euros. For the English Brand the new supercar is the first step toward a larger production, as there will be introducing a new version each year, to reach a production of 4000 cars every 12 months from 2015.

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MP4-12C incorporates both style and name heritage to that of Formula 1. Not surprisingly, the MP4-12C also has a full carbon frame that weighs less than 80 kg, but also brings into the world of road cars the concept of the survival cell a separate cockpit connected to two alluminum absorption structures. the driver’s seat is a bit narrow, with height and depth adjustable steering wheel and bucket seat. Instrumentation is analog and digital behind the steering wheel, flanked on either side by a pair of . On the carbon fiber steering wheel spokes, no buttons, radio and climate control are operated using the touch screen from central console. The trasmission is a seven-speed dual-clutch and is controlled by three buttons, D, N and R, and with the now classic levers behind the steering wheel. The pedal has great size and made of aluminum. The engine is a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 signed M838T developed specifically for the MP4-12C, delivering over 600 hp, 600 nm of torque with a strong curve already at low speed (80% at just 2,000 rpm) and to run up to 8,500 rpm, mated to a dual-clutch gearbox with seven gears. Performances are from very top ones, with max speed exceeding 200 miles per hour (about 322 km/h) and less than 10 seconds to sprint from 0 to 200 km/h. It takes also less than 5 seconds to slow from 200 km/h.


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