Mercedes-Benz B55 a complex engineering challenge

The project’s aim was to adapt to a “normal” car like a Mercedes B-Class 200 CDI, the powerful eight-cylinder engine produced by the Affalterbach factory and used some time ago on Mercedes top models before being replaced by the more modern 4.7 V8 twin turbo. “The problems was not so much derived from the V8 installation – explained the 12 young engineers – which is perfectly adapted to B Class space. The hardest part was, however, the development of the steering. The original B Class rear axle configuration has been replaced by that of the previous E Class series “. In addition, it was necessary a specific exhaust systems, with two terminals at the center of the tail.

Top speed is limited electronically to 250 km/h as usual Mercedes, even if the car would allowed a much better performance. Top speed apart from the B 55 AMG is able to burn a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.2 seconds and promising a burnout of the big tires at every gas pressure. The new Mercedes B55 has not changed only under the hood: manual transmission has been eliminated to make way for the 7G-Tronic transmission, and ABS and ESP have been recalibrated. To keep the 400 hp under control, engineers installed ventilated brakes 345 x 34 mm front and 300 x 30 rear. No exception for tyres: 18 ” wheels, 235/40 and 255/35 tires.

Admire it but do not expect to find in Mercedes catalog, the B55 is a unique product from a complex engineering challenge

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