Mercedes CLS by Lorinser Features New Bodykit

The Mercedes CLS by Lorinser Looks Devil.


The German tuner Lorinser, specialist on Mercedes changes since 1981, has just unveiled its new interpretation of the CLS with a set of changes that affect both the body and the performance of the Bavarian sedan.

More than 8,000 Euros let the CLS by Lorinser Fly.

New body kit of the German tuner is offered at 8,230 euros, the benefits relate primarily an aerodynamic improvement, obtained by the use of new front spoiler and one at the roof, while side skirts complete the aerodynamics an design. As for the mechanics of the new Mercedes CLS by Lorinser, has been declared an engine performance improvements, especially with the electronic management, whereby the final power reaches 322 hp at 6,200 rpm, while peak torque is 400 Nm .

2011 Mercedes CLS By Lorinser Performance.

The changes applied to the new CLS by Lorinser allow to exceed the previous limited speed of 250 Km/h and reach 265. The increased power required a further brakes cooling with some diffusers at the front wheel arches, while the 4-door coupe features now an exciting sound, thanks to the sport exhaust with four square shape terminals. The body kit of the CLS by Lorinser allows to choose a couple of different alloy wheels, silver or matt black, and a sports suspension wich lower the car by 25 mm, while prices have not yet been disclosed.

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