Mini Rocketman Concept might go on production

Rocketman Mini Concept is the prototype of the new Mini range that focuses in 3.4 meters a number of interesting and creative ideas as always in Mini style. The car comes with the 3 +1 seats scheme and three doors.

The project immediately recalls the Mini by Alec Issigonis of the 1959, especially as regards the ratio between the exterior sizes and  the cockpit space. The Rocketman, in fact, is 37 cm longer than the old Mini Minor, 1,907 m wide and 1,398 m high. The concept is built on a spaceframe carbon architecture, designed to keep the weight down and reach an average consumption of 3 liters of fuel per 100 km. The doors are an amazing innovation, divided into two parts, and not opening as traditional way, a carbon’s fiber part rotates on the  front wheel arch, separating in parallel from the body, improving accessibility in confined spaces. The transparent roof of the Mini Concept Rocketman made with optical fibers is very fscinating and shows the flag of the United Kingdom. The tailgate is bipartite, consisting of a part attached to the roof that opens upward and a lower section shaped like a tray that comes out 350 mm from the body. An arc-shaped tail lights is very curious and cast the light on the body.

Inside the upholstery are very raffinate: leather seats and glossy paint surfaces matches with armrest and moldings made of a special print paper obtained through a folder structure and the steering wheel asorts all the control board. Obviously, through the “Connected MINI”, the car has a connectiont to internet.

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