image new 2011 nissan leaf
2011 nissan leaf (front view)

Nissan Leaf coming to Europe. Orders starts for the new zero-emission car that will be available first in Portugal and Ireland while in the UK the pre sale will begin the 1st September. The Leaf zero-emissions for brand Nissan is a focal point for the next marketing strategy, although it is estimated a break-in period necessary to bring at large-scale commercialization in 2012.

Nissan Leaf is a hatchback, 5-door, 5 seats, 4.44 meters long with an electric motor of 80 kW (109 hp) and 280 Nm, values similar to those of a modern diesel engine 1.6 liters. The power is provided by a 24 kWh and 90 kW lithium-ion battery with 24 kWh and 90 kW, to be 80%  rechargeable in about 30 minutes from the fast charging columns or in 7.5 hours from the normal household outlet.

The Nissan Leaf price will be 30,200 euros in Portugal, to 29,990 euros in Ireland, and 23,995 pounds in the UK, always including batteries. Expected energy costs are 1.00 euro per 100 km in Portugal, less than 1.10 euros per 100 km in Ireland and less than 1,55 pounds/100 km in the UK. A full charge allows a potential autonomy of 165 km
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