New 2012 Cayenne GTS with 414bhp

New Cayenne GTS still available as S and turbo.

At the Beijing motor show this month, Porsche will introduce a new sporty version of the SUV Cayenne GTS. The new variant features a V8 engine and like the standard car, models will be available as S and Turbo. From the Cayenne S comes will get a powerful engine available with the natural-aspirated V8 as well as some of the body styling of the top-level Turbo model.

2012 Porsche Cayenne GTS Performances.

Looking at the standard Cayenne S engine, power is increased in the new 4.8 engine V8 from 394bhp to 414bhp and is 14bhp more than pervious Cayenne GTS. All is mated with stop-start system and standard eight-speed ZF automatic transmission which replaces the previous six-speed manual gearbox. Compared with the current 5.9sec of the V8 S, the 2012 GTS receive a slight boost in performance. This turns in a better sprint time from 0 to 62mph at 5.7sec and as expected the top speed is also slightly higher at 162mph instead of 160mph. A slight dropping has been registered also in the fuel economy by 2.5mpg.

Cayenne GTS Design.

The most important enhancements which best appeal up-coming buyers is its the special, lowered chassis, now the new version is 24mmm lower. Steel springs and PASM adjustable dampers are as standard like the preceding GTS generation. Those changes not just in the look, in fact is claimed a better handling expecially on corners and reduced body roll. To complete the charming and sports appearance the Cayenne GTS comes with sports seats with Alcantara trim.

The 2012 Cayenne GTS will be on the market from July at 55,000 for the S version and £67,100 for the topping-turbo version.

2012 Cayenne GTS Pictures

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