Old and New Cars

Fuel efficiency

With the price of petrol increasing at such a rapid rate, it’s no wonder than more and more people are looking for a way to save money on fuel bills without having to resort to public transport. You may not want to part with your older car or trade it for a newer model, but the fact is newer models are more fuel efficient. You might have had that gas-guzzling Mercedes since you were twenty, but think about it – is it costing you more than it’s worth?

Having said that, the fact is that not a lot of people these days can afford to just up and trade in their old motors for a more efficient model. However, there are still some things you can do to help save some of that hard-earned cash – no matter the age of your car. Japanese and Korean cars are known for being reliable; sites like motors have cars like the
Kia Sorento.

Make sure it is well maintained

Clean or replace your air filters regularly as dirty filters can increase fuel consumption by as much as ten percent, and don’t put off getting that oil change. Make sure the viscosity is right for your car as well, to avoid causing stress to your engine.

Check your tyres

Make sure they are inflated as recommended. Under-inflated tyres can cause a rolling resistance and this will make you burn more fuel. Using a gauge is the best way to determine if you have them at the correct level.

Gas Cap

Most gas caps will take two clicks before they are completely closed, so make sure you check this every time you fill up. You can and will lose fuel through evaporation.

Cruise Control

If you have it, use it! The tiniest pressure on your accelerator will signal more fuel to be sent to the engine, but using your cruise control will keep it to a bare minimum for the speed you have chosen to travel at.

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